Web CEO Review

When the Web CEO software package was released a few years ago, the Web CEO reviews from users were overwhelmingly positive.

Since then, the Web CEO, LTD, company has continued to release updated versions of the Web CEO software suite. The Web CEO is a professional software suite for search engine optimization. The Web CEO company released the latest version of the software, which is the Web CEO Version 8.0, in March 2009 in both the free and paid editions.

The latest Version 8.0 is a software toolkit consisting of 12 effective SEO tools specially made for search engine marketing, website promotion, maintenance of websites, and traffic analysis for websites.

Average Web CEO Review for the Web CEO Software

A review of satisfaction ratings about the previous Web CEO paid edition from five users in the http://www.iexpertsforum.com/ website indicated that the software has an average customer rating of 3.5 stars and an expert rating of 4 stars from a maximum rating of 5 stars.

These ratings only prove that on the average, the review from the majority of customers who purchased the product and from experts who have tested and reviewed the Web CEO are both favorable and satisfactory.

In late 2008, three customers posted these comments about the previous paid edition of the Web CEO in the iexpertsforum.com website:

  • Error detection – a customer said that he likes the Web CEO’s website analysis feature in identifying errors and in recommending the correct solutions to repair the errors.
  • Professionalized tool – a customer said that he is impressed with the Web CEO’s strictness to follow search engine guidelines and it does not do spamming. He also said that he likes the Web CEO’s updated website editor that efficiently manages definition files by using an integrated interface.
  • Effective ranking analysis – a customer said that the Web CEO is ranking tool makes analysis of rankings very efficient and easy to do. He also commented that the software’s auditing tool could greatly enhance your web pages’ capabilities and performance.

    Web CEO Screenshot

    Web CEO Screenshot

Another indicator of positive Web CEO review is the number of downloads for the Web CEO Version 8.0 free edition. Since the Version 8.0’s release in March 2009, there have been 133,987 downloads of the free edition from the cnet website.

The SEO experts at the download.cnet website have predicted that the number of downloads in April 2009 for the Web CEO Versions 8.0 free edition is projected to increase. This only proves the positive feedback from customers and critics who have reviewed the capabilities of the Web CEO.Web CEO Cover

For both the free and paid editions of the Web CEO Version 8.0, among the reasons for its popularity as the preferred software package for web and SEO developers is the software’s 12 tools. Most users and experts agreed that Version 8.0’s tools are better that the other SEO software packages that are currently available in the market.

Therefore, whether you are a Web CEO user that is an amateur, professional, individual, or corporate, your Web CEO review results will surely be satisfactory because of the experience you will have in using the Web CEO software suite.