The WebCEO is a group of software modules for optimizing your Web pages and Web sites. As your online business grows, your Web site will need to be optimized for the search engines for it to receive traffic.web-ceo6

Why do we need to create traffic in your Web sites? It is simple. More traffic generally translates to more opportunities for sales. Just like any ordinary businesses, your online store, as well as the products and services that you are offering, needs to be known to the Internet public through word-of-mouth (or blog), from referrals, and advertising on different Web sites that are the go-to places for online customers.

Search engine optimization basically involves creating, tweaking, and modifying the content on your Web pages and the technical information inside them in order for them to be placed higher on a search engine’s search list results.

Every minute of every day, search engine automated programs (called robots, or bots for short) crawl up on every web page seeking the information that they need, based on per user’s search request. Each search engine has its own algorithm or priority measures to rank the corresponding Web pages according to their relevance. Since search engines place the most relevant Web sites on the top of their list (and in the first page of their list results), it obviously makes sense to get your Web site in that position for maximum publicity.
What Keywords Do

The key to getting your Web site there is to come up with the most relevant keywords that are connected with your business. Everytime a bot crawls up a Web page, it searches for the keywords that a user has typed inside the search engine text box. Sometimes search engines change their search protocols; looking for keywords and optimized elements in your Web pages line-per-line like a machine, or it can mimic the browsing tendencies of a human being.web-ceo-keyword-tool

Creating keywords for products and services that you sell may seem like a child’s play, but hold your horses – no one can jump into the fray and successfully market their Web sites without doing some keyword research first. We cannot just employ the base keyword of your products, litter them around your content, and then expect the search engines to pick up on your scent. Chances are you’ll be disappointed with that simplistic approach, as search engines are craftier than that, and their methods test many factors before deciding to rank a Web site appropriately.
WebCEO’S Keyword Research Capabilities.

The first thing that one needs to do is to see what keywords for your particular line of business are the most popular among the searchers. You also need to see your competition and what keywords they use to attract traffic.
The WebCEO suite of applications includes its own version of the proprietary keyword research tool. Among the things that it does is to take a look at your competitor’s Web pages for the keywords that they use, and also run a real search test on the search engines to determine the most used keywords. The results are all reported back to you in tabular form, along with statistics on how effective, prominent, or relevant each keyword group is.

The WebCEO keyword research feature allows you to do the most thorough research on keywords before optimizing your site.

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